Summer DIYs

Hello everyone! May has almost come to an end and June is on the way, so I thought what better than make a few DIYs for the sake of summeeeeeeer! I am more than obsessed with summer -but please, who isn’t? In any case, I came up with two extremely easy DIYs you can make at home. And even if you’re not as crazy about summer as I am, you can just create these two for any other occasion or season. 

DIY No.1: Earrings/Sunglasses Hanger

What you’ll need:

  • 1 old hanger of your choice
  • Nail and Hammer (optional)

For this DIY all you are going to need is find an empty space on one of the walls in your bedroom (or anywhere else you want to place your hanger) and use the hammer to hit a nail on the wall. However, this step is optional if you already have left nails on the wall or if you do not want to place the hanger on a wall at all. Next you just simply place the hanger on your wall/parlor/table etc. and you’re done! You can now add your earrings and/or sunglasses and you’ve created a vintage hanger! Easy huh?


DIY No.2: Flower Crown Headwrap

What you’ll need:

  • Headwrap of your choice (try a color similar to your chosen flowers)
  • Fake vintage flowers (they can be any color or size)
  • Strong glue


For this DIY I got a packet of 6 simple and very cheap headwraps from Claire’s (if I’m not mistaken -it’s been a while since I bought these-), a bunch of fake flowers (I got mine from an old house decoration, but you can find them in any thrift/vintage shop probably) and a super glue (I used the UHU Super Glue). Improvise with the colors, the sizes and create a design pattern for your Flower Crown. Start by applying glue to the bottom of one flower at a time and then place it to the bare headwrap carefully in your chosen pattern, pressing it with your hands for a few seconds just to make sure it will stay. Repeat this process with all your flowers. You can add any details you want to your Flower Crown (leaves, ribbons, feathers etc.). That’s it! Pretty cool and easy, right?


I hope this post was helpful and gave you some ideas for your creations! Don’t forget to press the follow button for my blog page in order to keep up with all my latest posts and check my Instagram and Twitter page for more 🙂

*all photos taken by me*


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